Costa Rica


Every year This Mission gets the opportunity to lead multiple mission trips to Costa Rica. Will you join us on this life changing adventure?


Our Story

 The goal of serving, loving and edifying the people you encounter is an obvious purpose for coming. But often times the greater impact is on each team member as we submit ourselves to The Lord. We have spent time in Costa Rica every year for the last four years. Our goal is that every person that comes with us on a mission trip wants to go back the next year. We believe in consistency and sowing into ministries on the ground. 

Meet The Leaders

Cal and Sav have been married since 2020. Cal was one of the founders of This Mission and has been the Executive Director of This Mission from the start. He has led several mission trips to Costa Rica and has many relationships with ministries on the ground in Costa Rica. Sav is a worshipper at heart and leads worship on our mission trips. She works behind the scenes for This Mission and provides major support to Cal. 


Our Clients