Vancouver, WA Ambassador

*Where are you from?

   - Centralia, WA – Currently going to school in Vancouver, WA

*History of Mission Work?

   - I am gearing up for my very first mission trip to Munich, Germany in May! After seeing God move mountains in my life this last year, I am inspired to help others know God’s grace and spread the power of His love around the world. Previously, I have helped with fundraising, supply gathering and support for friends that have done mission work.

*Impact that Mission work has had on you

   - Supporting my friends and family in their own mission work has been truly inspiring. Being able to support spiritual movements is something that I have proudly done, but I am excited for the impact of my first mission in May. I am looking forward to seeing the missionary impact as well as my own spiritual growth.  

*What are you looking forward to as you become an Ambassador for “This Mission?”

   - I believe that “This Mission” has an incredible opportunity to share God’s grace and connect with all individuals, both young and old. I am looking forward to playing my part in connecting others with a non-profit organization that I so strongly support and believe in. Cultivating support and generating funding for missionaries around the world is by far what I am most excited for. God is  moving in amazing ways and I am hopeful to make “This Mission” a part of everyone’s mission.  

*Where do you see “This Mission” in 5 years?

    - While “This Mission” is just getting their feet on the ground, it has been amazing to watch the growth in just a few months! In 5 years, I see this mission providing funding to support spiritual movements all around the world. I see our presence growing beyond our home state, Washington and supporting those called for mission work from across our country. It is my hope that in 5 years, “This Mission” will be connected with even more donors that believe in supporting mission work…. oh and of course in 5 years, I hope we continue to have awesome “Gus The Bus” swag!

*What people, region, state, or even city do you feel called to? Why? 

   - I am excited to continue connecting with college aged students and individuals. The transition into college and then to the start of our careers can be both exciting and challenging. It is a time where many can feel overwhelmed and lost but is also a time where we start planting roots. Why not encourage young adults to plant roots in God?! For me, finding stability in my faith and pouring myself into a relationship with God changed my life. I feel called to help others find God, spread God’s Grace, and encourage others to build a foundation in Him.