Los Angeles, CA Ambassador

*Where are you from?

   - Spokane, Washington

*History of Mission Work?

- I have been on many mission trips! some of my favorite and most impactful were Westport, Washington, where we run a week long bible study for a over 50 kids! At this bible study they get to experience Gods love through us and experience his amazing presence. Tijuana, Mexico, where we build houses for people in poverty stricken areas. Furthermore we get to spend time with these amazing families and showing His love to them! San Fransisco, CA Where we do a homeless outreach and evangelize to this city...


*Impact that Mission work has had on you

   - These places have completely changed my life, God has used these mission trips to shape my relationship with him and reveal his goodness in new ways!

*What are you looking forward to as you become an Ambassador for “This Mission?”

   - Westport and Tijuana completely changed my life, and I’m forever thankful for that. I want everyone to be able to experience what I experienced, because it changed my life for the better. Cal and the other leaders of "This Mission" have a vision to fund hundreds of peoples mission trips. I am pumped to advocate for a Non-Profit that has a vision like mine! 

*Where do you see “This Mission” in 5 years?

   - I see it gaining recognition by people in the western states of America. And I see big churches such as Life Center of Spokane, and EV Free Fullerton jumping on board to help fund mission trips around the world and see Gods kingdom grow through mission minded individuals. 

*What people, region, state, or even city do you feel called to? Why?

   - I feel called to Spokane, and my college Biola, because these are two places that have given me a lot of opportunities, to spread the Gospel, now with this brand, I can have another avenue to push his kingdom into action on earth!