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June 17-24 & June 24-July 1

This Mission is so excited to announce that we are leading two mission trips this summer (2021) to Costa Rica! We will be spending 7 days in San Jose, Costa Rica partnering with our friends at Face of Justice.


     The goal of serving, loving and edifying the people you encounter is an obvious purpose for coming. But often times the greater impact is on each team member as we submit ourselves to The Lord. We have put aside our finances and our time and have chosen to step out of our comforts and surrender control of our lives, if only for these precious days, to be stretched and empowered by his Holy Spirit. It is a way of saying; “Here am I Lord. Do with me what you will to grow my faith and to become more Christlike in all areas of my life.”

     Last summer we led our first trip with Face of Justice. Our mission is to create a powerful, safe, and challenging mission trip for the summer of 2021. We are confident that it will be exactly that! Once we arrive in Costa Rica, we will have a FOJ team member with us at all times, as well as multiple translators.


You’ll be doing, seeing and experiencing many new things, some which may make you down right uncomfortable. Relax and embrace it. There’s nothing to be afraid of, Face of Justice has hosted more than 1,200 people on visiting teams.  

Some of the ministries that we will be helping with include


This is FOJ’s church plant for people from the streets. This church is in the middle of the city center and offers them a safe and informal setting needed to attract people with low self-worth and/or have been harmed by church goers. Most important it provides an avenue for people we meet during our Encuentro Ministry (see below) to experience God’s presence through worship, hearing God’s word and being ministered to through prayer, food and fellowship after each service.


This is FOJ’s Street Ministry serving coffee and cookies to prostituted people. This Mission will be very intentional with training and a time of worship prior to our departure and will offer a time of Debrief when we finish. FOJ has been doing this ministry 2x’s weekly for nearly 6 years. It is foundational to their grace-based approach to the ministry. Our team will have the opportunity to minister to these prostitutes, who Jesus loves so much.

casa esperanza

This is FOJ’s most recent endeavor. The Home of Hope is in the Red Zone of downtown San Jose. It provides a community center for the country’s most desperate and broken sex workers who come for the programs they offer there. With these activities, women now have a place for spiritual growth and development, medical care, job training and most recently, a small-business development and enrichment program. This time allows our This Mission team an opportunity to minister to the hearts of the broken. Last summer, Jeffrey and Cal saw major breakthrough in many of these people’s lives.

casa libertad

Casa Libertad is their safe house for teenage girls who have been commercially sexually exploited or have been victims of human trafficking. This Mission will be scheduled 2-3 visits for a limited number of team members. The girls love music and art and dance. They love games. Some like cooking and obviously they all love to eat so our team could even buy ingredients to one of their favorite meals to prepare for them.




The ministry center we will be staying in acts as our base of operations. It includes a large dining area and a main gathering room where we will have our devotions and ministry debriefs. It has 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms with a capacity of 20 people. We will have one wing of the building designated to gals and another designated to guys. Everything is dorm-style housing. Once we have our team roster, we’ll provide a rooming configuration and a rooming list. The food will be excellent We will have “Mamita” as our cook a Caribbean-born who is the best in the business.




We will have two trips this summer, the first June 17-24 and the second, June 24-July 1. We will have 7 days in Costa Rica to go after what the Lord has for us.




We require a $300 non-refundable deposit to secure your position on this trip!


Cost -- $1300 + Airfare

This includes all meals, accommodations, daily transportation and translators.

Flights to Costa Rica from Seattle or Portland range from $500-$600. We are having the team members book these flights on their own, however we have recommended flights that the team will be going on.



  • 18 years or older (unless family member above 18 is attending)

  • Attain passport by June 15

  • Be a Christian and willing to step out of your comfort zone

  • Application Process

  • We are requiring an application for this mission trip to create a powerful team for Costa Rica! Please don’t feel like you are not qualified for this trip, because you ARE! We want you to be a part of this and ask that if you are uneasy about applying, step out in faith and apply!



This trip will be led by Cal Webb and Savanna Webb. Cal has spent a lot of time in Costa Rica and has led teams on trip very  successful trips. We saw over 60 people give their lives to Jesus and our group grew in amazing ways. We are confident that this trip will have a significant impact on your life! Once we arrive in Costa Rica, to ensure safety, we will have a FOJ team member with us at all times, as well as multiple translators. Along with Cal, we will have another This Mission staff member. 


We believe that this trip will be a powerful and marking trip for every person’s life. We are excited that you are looking into being a part of this!