Dylan Hite

Portland, OR Ambassador

*Where are you from? 

    - Portland, Oregon

*History of Mission Work:

    - In regard to mission work, I have worked with people from various groups and in various settings, specifically in religious settings, but I have not traveled for an official mission yet. I have worked and strived to benefit my own religious community throughout high school and into college by attending Bible Study groups (an all-women's one in high school, and now a co-ed one in college), I walked with my class during a pilgrimage experience, attended retreats every year with my   classmates in order to build connections and community, and also worked with children in religious and non-religious settings, helping them to find their own faith and mission in their lives.

*Impact that Mission work has had on you?

    - I hope to go on a mission trip to help under-privileged people in various countries because we need to take care of God's community and that includes every single human being on this planet. I love working with people and hopefully helping lead people towards a deeper understanding and relationship with Jesus and connect that with all facets in life. 

*What are you looking forward to as you become an Ambassador for “This Mission?”

    - To be part of "This Mission" would truly be an honor and something I have been interested in for a while. Not only do I think the work that "This Mission" is doing is incredible and life-giving, but to be able to represent an organization that is striving to give people the opportunity to pursue their own faith journeys and share it with others would truly be a gift. As part of the "This Mission" team, I will do whatever it takes to get the message out, help people understand how important it is, and give whatever support I can to help make it a successful and positive experience for everyone involved.

*Where do you see “This Mission” in 5 years?

   - In five years, I see "This Mission" being a well-known and successful organization that has helped students go on mission trips all over the world even when perhaps it seemed financially impossible. The leadership behind "This Mission" guarantees that the organization will have a strong base and support team, be able to get people motivated, and ultimately continue to give others a wonderful experience with people and Jesus year after year.

*What people, region, state, or even city do you feel called to? Why? 

    - Being from Portland, Oregon, I feel very called to my city and the state of Oregon. I have spent my entire life here and am now attending college in the same city that I grew up in. Additionally, the Oregon Coast is where I lived for the first five years of my life and where I continue to reside most of the time. The beach is where I feel closest to God and am at my most happy and contented state; I am thankful to have it. Additionally, I love the University of Portland and the cross country and track team here which I am a member of. It is within the UP community that I have been able to stretch myself in terms of what I find I am capable of doing, exploring my faith more deeply, enjoying life, and having life-giving conversations with people about experience and of course why "This Mission" is so very important for EVERYONE to know about!