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I had the honor of going on a mission’s trip to San Quintin, Mexico last December with an amazing group of people. During our stay, our task was simply to run a VBS and deliver Christmas presents to as many kids as we could reach. How cool is that?  

Initially, when the opportunity arose to go to Mexico, I was quite hesitant. I desperately wanted some type of sign from God to confirm this was a trip I should go on. As I was praying about it, an incredible proposition arose that made it possible for me financially. I knew that was God’s way of confirming it for me, as well as giving me peace about the whole trip. 

Before the trip commenced, I was given the specific job of being the videographer and photographer. I was also asked to create a video that would fully capture our time there in the beautiful San Quintin. At first, I was completely ecstatic about making a video for the church. Unfortunately, as time went on and our trip ever approaching, I found myself consumed with fear. The expectations for the video were high and I could not bear the thought of disappointing anyone. I knew the only way I could get rid of the anxiety that was overwhelming me was to ask God to give me peace... thank the Lord for his perfect peace.

As our journey commenced to San Quintin, I was in full preparation mode. I began thinking and dreaming of all the ways I could capture raw and authentic footage of the trip. However, when we finally arrived, something changed inside of me. It was as if a switch got flipped, and my focus turned from myself and my camera skills to the kids and families that we were about to impact...or rather, they were about to impact us. I experienced something so new and special. I began viewing everything so differently through my camera. Every time I took a picture, all I could do was smile because of the pure joy on the children’s faces. Seeing our team play soccer with the kids (which was a dream of mine), and just simply interacting with everyone completely opened my eyes. It revealed to me the simple truth and reality of how contagious the joy and love of God is. It can literally influence every person around you…Even when there is a language barrier! 

On our last night in Mexico we held a youth rally with 1500+ people attending. It was at this rally that I realized just how truly incredible the presence of God is. It didn’t matter that there was a language barrier, or that we had to have translators, we all had one thing in common, one purpose, and that was the love of God. That night the speaker did an alter call and I was so moved at the response. I would have to pause filming at certain moments during the night, because I was in such awe of what was happening around me. A generation of people were saying “yes” to God and being radically set free. It was that night that my heart was truly moved, and for the first time really felt the hunger and fire of God.

This was my first mission trip…and to say that it rocked my world and totally changed me would be an understatement. I was expecting to be so focused on taking pictures and videos that I wouldn’t really have that moment. However, it was because I was there taking pictures and videoing that I was able to view it all from a different perspective. I came home totally inspired by the passion and love for the Lord the youth had down in San Quintin. It stirred up my heart and desire to see the youth in my own city have the same hunger and heart for the Lord. I came home from that trip with opened eyes. Simply showing the love of God to people can impact and change lives in ways we might never even imagine.

Post written by Kristianna Troyer

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