Ryan Hoogerwerf

Texas Ambassador

*Where are you from?

   - Allen, Texas

*History of Mission Work

   - Helped build a youth center at Chase Oaks Church in Plano, Texas.

   - Worked at the North Texas Food Bank getting food ready to be donated.

*Impact that Mission work has had on you?

   - Mission work allows you to experience God in a completely new way. Mission work gives us an opportunity to experience selfless giving in a community setting which is what Jesus calls us to do. 

*What are you looking forward to as you become an Ambassador for “This Mission?”

   - Spreading the grace and joy and love that Jesus shared with others when he walked the Earth. I look forward to being able to interfere with other people’s lives on behalf of Jesus. 

*Where do you see “This Mission” in 5 years?

   - Completely established in the USA and pushing to make a more international image. 


*What people, region, state, or even city do you feel called to? Why?

   - Texas, I grew up here and my heart has always been here.