About Us

"Prepare the Way"

Our Mission is to FUND and LEAD mission trips for youth and young adults around the world, and to SUPPORT ministries that are actively fighting sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. 


Our Mission

DEFINING MOMENTS - This Mission believes that youth and young adults lives can and will be changed while on mission trips. We see that mission trips have become defining moments in their walk with Jesus. To date we have set dozens of youth and young adults to over 15 countries, serving ministries on the ground. 

SERVING MINISTRIES ON THE GROUND - This Mission believes that we can have a larger impact by serving ministries that are already on the ground in countries. We understand that ministries that have been in areas for 10+ years know what the area needs more than us! 

FIGHTING SEX TRAFFICKING - This Mission has been called to fight sex trafficking. We are actively working with multiple organizations

around the world that rescue and provide aftercare for survivors of sex trafficking. 

BUILDING RESOURCES - This Mission has been blessed with partners and opportunities that have allowed us the opportunity to do some cool projects. In 2022 we are building our first "FREEDOM SCHOO." This School will be in San Jose, Costa Rica and provide a private school for survivors of sex trafficking. 

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