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Mission Homes

Believing for a Transformed City 

Mission homes is This Mission's home building ministry in the city of Pavas, Costa Rica. Some people call it the "forgotten city" or the "slums" of Costa Rica. Pavas has a high crime rate, and an epidemic of sex trafficking. We believe that bringing teams of people to build houses, will in turn change the DNA of Pavas for generations. 


Our Story

In 2021 we connected with a small church that a missionary felt led to plant in the heart of Pavas. The Lord gave us a vision to build houses in this area and believe that it will have an effect on this area for generations to come. Most of the houses in this area are pieces of metal siding, with a dirt floor. In this area of severe poverty, it is riddled with crime, drug use, and sex trafficking. We believe that as we build houses in this city, we are changing one familiy  at a time and changing the city one house at a time. 

Ways to get involved

Bring a team

We are in need of churches and organizations to bring teams to build houses. We will create an exciting itinerary and schedule out the whole stay in Costa Rica!


Tell people about what we are doing! Shout us out on Instagram! Lets get the word out, that God is moving and transforming families through Mission Homes!


Our goal is to build 20 houses by 2025 in Pavas. One of our main needs is monthly and onetime donations. Even $10 a month goes a long way!


We are always in need of more partners to pray and contend for This Mission and all of Costa Rica. We have big dreams of transformation, however we know that without God, it is impossible. 

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