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Image by Andrzej Kryszpiniuk

mission family center

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Watch here for what we're doing now!


The Mission Family Center is a place of healing, provision, and restoration. We have worked in the barrio of Sinai for two years, and have seen a need for 3 main things. First, a place to host counseling appointments for trafficking victims. Second, a center for case identification of trafficking of minors. Third, a center for food distribution and provision of resources for trafficking survivors. The Mission Family Center provides all of the above and is located in the heart of the barrio.  

Hear from Vanessa, founder of Transforma. 



Cinai is one of the poorest barrios in Costa Rica putting it in the category of Ultra Poverty. Most are dealing with food insecurity, underpaid jobs, irregular income, lack of healthcare, inadequate housing, lack of education, job skills and digital exclusion.


Our missions center will help unemployed mothers, women survivors of domestic violence rebuilding their lives, undocumented immigrants, unemployed young single mothers and elderly grandmothers suffering to raise multiple children and young teenage mothers. 


Our mission center is located in the heart of Cinai. This is an ideal location given we are four doors down from a destructive cult. This building can be seen in the video above! 


When you donate we are able to have full inventory in our mission center with the items needed most. Our center will have baby formula, diapers, clothes and other basic needs for the mothers and babies. Your donations will also be able to financially support the psychologist on site.

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