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About Steven's Mission to Ecuador

On this trip, it looks like tangibly releasing love, hope, healing, and God's presence to everyone and everywhere we go. Whether to the poor and hungry or the wealthy and powerful, our call on this trip is the same; did we stop for the “one” and did we love them well? The past 8 years our team has partnered with Casa Mis Sueños, a ministry founded by the Toledo family. The fruit that we have seen from going year after year is a testament to the goodness and faithfulness of God, and I am excited to see what this year holds!


We will do ministry in the streets, schools, churches, mountains, and wherever else the Lord leads us to go. 

I was forever changed by this quote, “Justice is the restoration of every violation of love" - Jennifer Toledo I am expectant to see the love of the father break out! 

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