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About Joy's Mission to Kona, Hawaii

As a recent college graduate, I was unsure where God was leading me for this next season of my life. But through a lot prayer, God has revealed to me the calling he has on my life to go into the mission field. At first, it was a scary thought...the mission field can be intimidating. But I knew without a doubt that this is what I was supposed to do and I had an indescribable peace about it. So with that being said, I am answering this call and am going on a 6 month mission trip with YWAM(youth with a mission) in January of 2019. For the first three months I will be in Kona, HI attending their discipleship training school where I will be delving deeper into my relationship with the lord and learning how to share my faith with the nations. From there, I will then be placed to an outreach location where I will be in the mission field spreading the hope of the gospel and loving on others.❤️ I’m so excited to be heading on this journey that God has placed ahead of me.

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