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About Hannah's Mission to India

The trip to India that I'm embarking on is the fulfillment of a desire that God placed in my heart about three years ago when I was in New Zealand attending a Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Discipleship Training School. The deposit of God's heart for this nation caught me off guard at first; up until that moment, I had not ever envisioned myself being committed and connected. In the following weeks, I continued seeking God in prayer about the experience I had, and it wasn't long before I began to feel drawn to a country I'd not yet been to and a people group I'd not yet met.


Fast forward three years, and I am now serving Light A Candle India! I never could have guessed that one small word whispered into my heart could grow and blossom into an opportunity like the one that has been opened before me. The power of a trusting "yes" to God continues to baffle me. His plans for us are so wild and beyond what we could think of or dream up on our own.


I am so excited to meet our long term team on the ground who run our child development/sponsorship program, as well as the kids who are a part- such legendary leaders loving and serving future world-changers. I really believe that this trip is going to be marking and transformative in the way that I serve and engage from the other side of the world.


Thank you, This Mission, for believing in me and helping to send me!

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