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This coffee was carefully cultivated and selected by Franciny Vargas' family-run farm & mill, one of the oldest in the mountainous Tarrazú region known for specialty coffee. It was processed using a natural drying process, meaning that the coffee cherries were dried whole in the fresh air in order for the beans to absorb all of thefruit'ssweetness, You will taste delicious, creamy notes of dark chocolate & apple.


When you pour AHAVA coffee, you are not only tasting the best Costa Rican coffee from the mountainous Tarrazú region, but you are also contributing directly to the creation of dignified economic opportunities for at-risk women residing in the Grace House: a home for 18+ year old survivors of trafficking who come from our partnering organization, Face of Justice! 


AHAVA exsits to bridge the gap between rescue and regintegration, and you can now bring that delight to your home anywhere in the world. 

Mission Coffee

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