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Read below as Sophie describes her trip to Africa! 


"Long story short, I met an incredible woman at the beginning of the second semester this year. We got coffee (typical) (obviously), and the next thing I knew I was buying a plane ticket to travel 8000 miles to Livingstone, Zambia (Africa). This woman does wonders behind a camera and I currently have a C- in my film class. So obviously that won her over and now we are headed to Zambia to document several ministries and create promo videos for them. HOW COOL? So cool. Journey with me and support me through prayer as we take on the challenge of revealing their stories and mission."


We believe that this trip is a trip that will have an exponential impact on the world. Not only will this trip have a huge impact on Sophie, this incredible woman, and all these African ministries, but these promo videos will spread the word and have a major impact on the kingdom!


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