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Summer 2019, This Mission is going on a 7-week tour speaking at 6 churches and throwing 7 events! We will start in Spokane, WA and make our way down to San Diego and back. Throughout these 7 weeks, we will be doing homeless outreach, street evangelism, and working with some amazing non-profits and organizations. We are so excited to see the Lord do some amazing things! Throughout this trip, we will have a documentary team living with us and following us to create a 40-minute documentary. On this tour we will be living in a school bus and towing our VW bus. Our events will be aimed at inspiring our youth to get on the mission field, even if that is in their own city! If you would like info on how to help, call Cal 509-413-6164! Thank you and God Bless!

No upcoming events at the moment
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