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The Radical Ones #3 (Davíd)

The mans name in this post has been changed for his safety

The Gang...

After spending significant time in Central America, I have learned that every country has its gang. Every region has its gang. Every barrio has its gang. Whenever I go into a new place, within a few hours I usually hear a local talk about the local gang that is running the community.

For example...

I was working in a barrio that is considered to be a main "slum" of Costa Rica. This area is known as "The Forgotten Place." Meaning that most people, even locals, in Costa Rica have never been too or heard of the barrio. While I was in this barrio, I asked the local pastor how This Mission could support him. He heard that we had done some clean water projects. He asked if we had a few water filters that he could have for the community.

One thing I noticed when he asked this was that he was not asking for a water filter for his house or for his family, he was asking for one for his community. When working in these "ultra-poverty" areas, I notice how most people have a community mindset. They are not only wanting to take care of their household, they want to take care of the community as a whole.